Board Members and Volunteers



Hi there! My name is Eric Nguyen. I have been a member of Rainbow Recreation for close to 20 years. I am very excited to be your new President. I’m so grateful to be part of this wonderful community of caring, supportive, and fun group of individuals…good looking too, of course. I’m looking forward to coordinating fabulous events with you and unite our community even closer for 2021! Feel free to email me anytime @

Jason H


Welcome to Rainbow Rec! When I moved to the Bay Area, it was Rainbow Rec that allowed me to participate in activities, meet new people, and build friendships. I look forward to seeing you on court, on a run, or other activities!

Eric S


Hi! I’ve lived in San Jose since 2005 and have really enjoyed all of the activities that we have available to us. It’s been especially fun playing volleyball and spending time with those I’ve met through RainbowRec! When it comes to Volleyball, there’s a wide mix of skills and we typically have a couple of nets up to accommodate this. Beyond Volleyball, there’s a lot of other adventures both for people that want to live on the edge and those that may not want to be as daring! Either way, looking forward to the fun times ahead! Best, Eric

Roger Drummond


I discovered Rainbow Rec shortly after moving to Silicon Valley in 2005. I’d managed billion dollar tech and customer experiences early in life, integrating computer evolution into the real world; but Rainbow Rec opened up an entire arena of activities and friendships, fully rounding out my experiences here in California. When I’m not designing apps or games, you’ll probably find me hosting game nights, playing beach volleyball, pickleball, tennis, ping pong, downhill skiing, or kicking off camping adventures. Hope to see you out here with the rest of us!

Brian J

Hi, welcome to Rainbow Rec! I’m Brian and I like to play volleyball, snowboard, swim and travel. Come out and join our events, and see you there!

Stephen K

Welcoming Committee

Hey there! I first moved to the Bay Area about 20 years ago and I joined up with Rainbow Rec shortly thereafter. The group sports here are tons of fun (I’m still trying to improve my volleyball and tennis games whenever I can), but it’s the great friendships I’ve made in the group that have kept me sticking around for so long. In fact, some of the longest-lasting friendships I’ve enjoyed since moving to California were formed through social activities here in Rainbow Rec. If I’m not hitting volleyballs or tennis balls, chances are I’m doing something sciencey like chemistry or meteorology, or buzzing around in a small airplane above the beautiful Northern California scenery- and I love talking about any or all of the above. Hope to see you out and about for some of our group activities! All the best, ~Stephen